Facials in Brooklyn

Facials in Brooklyn

Looking for a place to get facials in Brooklyn to refresh your skin, look & feel younger? With a facial at Goldy’s Clinic, we provide facials that are simple and relaxing. This spa treatment procedure involves a variety of skin treatments such as exfoliation, creams, masks, lotions, peels, steam and more. The exact technique is determined by your desired results.

Why is it beneficial to get a facial?

People get facials for many reasons. One of the main reasons is to exfoliate and deeply cleanse their skin. Removing impurities from your skin such as dirt and oil is a necessity for healthy and clear skin. Going for regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells. New skin cell growth is promoted when dead skin cells are removed.

So if you’re looking for facials in Brooklyn to revitalize, heal and cleanse your face. Come to Goldy’s Clinic to feel the wonderful anti-aging effects today and beyond as the long-term benefits do their work over time. We have a range of facial treatments that will help improve imperfections and solve specific complaints, as well as improve and regenerate tired or dull looking skin. It’s time to treat yourself to a truly special skin care experience at Goldy’s in Brooklyn. You deserve it.

After you’re done getting a facial, you can also visit our juice bar downstairs at Omni Health. You can even order online to make sure your juice is ready right after you are done!

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