How much is laser hair removal?

How much is laser hair removal?

We all would love to know how much laser hair removal costs, right? It’s just one of those things that cannot be set in price. Why can’t we tell you how much this procedure costs? Because it depends on so many different factors.

When considering this procedure, it is important to first determine what you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking for permanent hair reduction or are you simply looking for a short-term fix? This will help you pinpoint what type of treatment is best suited for your needs. Another thing to consider prior to undergoing this treatment is if there are any underlying skin conditions that would rule out this process.

The factors that determine the cost include:

  • What part(s) of your body needs treatment?
  • How hairy is the area where you want the procedure done?
  • How much hair are we looking to remove?
  • Are we removing only dark colored hair?
  • Do you have light colored hair that needs removal?
  • Are there any white hairs?

This is why we cannot give a fixed price for this procedure, the above mentioned are the reasons why. Here are Goldy’s Clinic we offer laser hair removal and our number one priority is CLEAR SKIN.

Even though it’s one of the more expensive treatments, laser hair removal has been shown to be more effective than electrolysis and is the only FDA-approved technology that can permanently reduce unwanted hair. When it comes to this procedure, money should not be an issue. A job well done should be the main concern.

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