Patient Prepartion

Prior to any laser procedure, it is critical that patients come in for a free consultation so they might better prepare and comply with the specific requirements that will guarantee a lasting result. Goldy’s Clinic employs multiple practitioners who make use of multiple modalities so as to make sure each client recieves the unique treatment to achieve optimal end point.

During your free consultation we will determine your eligibility for treatment by giving you a complimentary patch test so as to show the necessity of the treatments we provide. Once you have received your patch test and consultation, you will be informed of the processes and preperations you need to undergo so as to ensure the lowest amount of treatments possible. If your skin has been unresponsive to the initial treatment, we will offer you a single touch up treatment free of charge.

After you have undergone your free consultation, be sure to get the information below before you go.


8 Things to Know Before You Go!

  1. Which technician you will be seeing.
  2. The technician’s individual method of patient preparation.
  3. The technology and techniques you will undergo.
  4. The depth of the clinician’s expertise.
  5. The lifestyle education needed for lasting results.
  6. Patient compliance – the results are up to you.
  7. Patient qualifications. Not all procedures are right for all patients.
  8. Knowledge of your skin type, and any indications of risks and side-effects.