Permanent Makeup in Brooklyn

Permanent Makeup

Wondering how can women achieve that perfect look every day without hours of effort? Well from eyebrows to lip color, Permanent Makeup is the solution!

This cosmetic technique employs the basic principles of tattooing to resemble makeup in a very natural-looking way. Our team of experts can add enhancements, color and shape to your face, lips, eyelids and eyebrows to your exact personal preference. The art of permanent makeup is commonly known as permanent cosmeticsdermapigmentationmicropigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing.

Imagine always looking fabulous no matter what with virtually zero time in front of the mirror. This is your opportunity to see immediate and long-term results while minimizing and concealing your face’s imperfections and lines.

What can permanent make up do?

  • Adds fullness ad definition to thin or sparse eyebrows.
  • Bare sections can be filled-in, bald spots from scars can be hidden with this procedure.
  • This is the perfect answer for those with allergies, contacts, shaky hand, eye problems or simply to save time.
  • Certain eyeliner shapes can change the appearance of your eyes.
  • We can enhance your eye lashes by implanting color between the lashes so they look fuller.
  • Permanent lips can give more fullness and definition to the mouth as well as correct an uneven lip line.
  •  Most importantly it can hide features that you are insecure about that have been caused by medical conditions.

This procedure is 100% kosher because the dye that is injected into the epidermis is vegetable dye. It is 100% in accordance by Halacha.  Although we suggest you ask your own Rabbi.


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