Therapeutic Massage

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

Classic European massage techniques involving long strokes and kneading. A full body massage promoting relaxation and improving circulation. Highly recommended for the first time visitor.

30-60 min

Cupping Massage ~ Cellulite & Circulation

Cupping Therapy is an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin. This mobilized blood flow in order to promote healing. A partial vacuum is created in cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction.

90 Min. -$120

Back & Shoulder Massage


30 min – $50

Sports Massage

An invigorating massage utilizing compression and cross- fiber techniques, focusing on specific muscle groups. Help to relieve aches and pains incurred during sports activities.

30-60 min – $80

Shiatsu Massage

Japanese massage technique which incorporates the concept of acupuncture. Pressure is applied to the points along the meridians (every channel) of the body. Shiatsu releases blocked energy and stimulate the functions of internal organs.

30-60 min


An ancient oriental technique that concentrates on the feet or hands. Pressure is applied to specific areas that correspond with the body’s glands and organs. Stimulating and releasing the energy flow in the body.

30 min – $40

Hot Stone Massage

These Natural Healing Massage Stones have come to you from the beginning of time, from the depths of the earth. Therapeutic stones have an amazing healing energy. They have been used for massage therapy around the world for many years.

30-60 min

Body Wrapping

Herbal Body wrapping uses natural ingredients to draw out toxins aiding the body’s natural process to break down hard fat and tighten the skin. The body is wrapped first in clear plastic then it is firmly wrapped with soft terry cloths with our special Amino Herbal/Mineral formula.

1 hour /Package of Five (5) – $400

Scrub & Massage

If you have time for everything else under the sun, so make time to rejuvenate your skin during its 28-day cycle. You will shed your old skin resulting in a stronger glowing skin. Our professional therapist will aid this renewal cycle with the best massage you’ve ever experienced. You will be scrubbed with a special mixture of dead sea salt along with a special blend of oils, resulting in the softest skin you’ve ever had.

90 Min. – $120

Prices for all massages are $80 for one hour. Special price packages available.

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